Saturday, 2 June 2012

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon...

This week i felt like showing my Dark Eldar a little bit of love. They've been sat in a box for quite a while now, in fact some are still sitting on a their sprues, unpainted and unloved. So i dusted off the box and started work on getting a Baron Sathonyx "counts-as" done since i still intend to field a Hellion based army.

The Beggar King, The Blade Itself, Daemoncursed, the leader of the Flying Polyps is known by many names. His origins are a mystery to all. He arrived unnannounced in the gang's territory deep in the bowels of the Dark City. His first action was to kill the gangs leader and seize control for himself.

He's made from a standard Hellion, with a bit of cutting done to his skyboard and some greenstuff hair added.

None have seen his face. Some whisper that he is a disfigured and disgraced Archon, others that he is some fiendish experiment of the Haemonculi escaped from their flesh pits. Some even whisper that he is a deranged clone of Vect himself. The Beggar King provides no answers to those that ask, save the kiss of a knife.

He's not quite finished yet, some details need work but hey at least he now exists in non sprue form.

Since i've had a particularly crap couple of weeks, along with this weekends releases that i'm sure everyone is aware of, i decided to treat myself too. Which led to this addition to my army:

Under his leadership the gang has vastly expanded their territory, absorbing numerous groups, including several Scourge flocks and a wing of Razorwing fighters. They have become ever more common sights in the raids against the lesser races of the galaxy.
None of their warriors ever set foot upon the ground of a prey world, always remaining mounted on their skyboards or aflight upon their augmented wings.

Yup it's a Razorwing fighter. I don't have armies able to use the three new fliers released this weekend, so it was a choice between a Storm Raven or a Razorwing when i felt that flyer itch.

It's not quite finished yet, i still need to decide and paint its armaments and choose which missiles i'll be using. But i'm quite pleased with how it looks so far. It took a heck of a lot of stippling but i think it was worth it.

Until next time,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.


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