Friday, 15 November 2013

Mustering More Guard

 As promised in my last post, a few more pictures of my Guard. Sadly the images aren't the best, thanks to a still busted camera, but this is what i've gotten painted so far.

Still to go is another couple of squads from first Platoon and the rest of the Aegis defense line. With any luck i'll be picking up some of the new special effects GW paints on Sunday, to add a bit of oomph to the bronze on my Aegis and tanks. Look for a review in the next week or so, touch wood.

Until then i remain,
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

So what replaced the Space Wolves?

Good morning to everyone on this rather dreary day, the weather seems intent on annihilating my garden at the moment - we're talking floods, lawn turned to a quagmire (giggity), trees being blown to 90 degree angles, the works - so what better time to update my blog?

As those who have read past posts, and i'm always amazed by how many people do, will know, i had planned a Space Wolf  force to take part in a campaign at my local GW, only to suffer a wound in their making and pretty much get scared off.

Still wanting to play in the campaign meant that i needed to choose a new army and get a few units ready ASAP. The army i went with is one that's a break from my usual power armoured shenanigans: The Imperial Guard

My usual camera is currently refusing to work, so forgive the photo quality. This is one of my Platoon leaders, Sergeant-at-Arms Troughton. Unfortunately it's hard to pick out some of the details, but half of his face has been painted up as healed scar tissue, this is a leader who fights on the front lines.

At the same time i also picked up one of these beauties, an Aegis defense line. I cannot stress how useful this thing is. A deployable cover save is a big boost to a guard army, and the quad autocannon has already claimed a Hellchicken and Dark Eldar Voidbirdy. £18 well spent.

As soon as i can get my camera working, i'll upload more shots of the army so far - it's definitely more than one guy and his quad.

Until then i remain,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.