Monday, 12 May 2014

D7 Part 2.

As promised, i've painted up the D7 in the classic grey colour scheme.
Unfortunately my digital camera is once again broken, so i've been reduced to using the camera on my tablet, so apologies for the quality.

I'd also like to add a note to my previous post about getting rid of the surface detail: When filing an Attack Wing ship, do it outside. Whatever plastic they've cast these in, it's pretty horrific stuff and you don't want to be breathing in the dust.

Also painted this week is an additional Galaxy class Starship from a second starter set.

The U.S.S McGann NCC-1996, will be taking to the tabletop in a couple of weeks for another attempt at destroying the Scimitar. My gaming buddies and i tried the scenario yesterday, without success. In the course of two games, the Scimitar took out two Valdore class warbirds, two D'Deridex class warbirds, the U.S.S Enterprise -D, and two Miranda class starships. And we only got it's shields down once.

But next time we shall triumph. Either that or i'm bringing in the Klingons.

Until next time, i remain

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

Friday, 2 May 2014

How Do You Solve A Problem Like...

...the I.K.S Gr'oth?

As my last few posts have detailed, i've delved into Star Trek: Attack Wing. Initially i'd planned a Federation fleet, but the lack of supply to the U.K (Pull your ruddy finger out on restocking stores, Esdevium) means that unless i want half a dozen tiny Enterprises, i'll have to settle for alternative purchases at my FLGS.

So i went with my second favourite faction as a backup, the pasty headed Klingons.

For those unfamiliar with Star Trek, first, welcome back from the Moon, i trust you found someone to rent out the rock you were living under. Second the Klingons are a warrior race, and were the antagonists for most of the Original Series and it's movies, before allying up with the Federation and becoming the good guys.

In the process they went from this:

To this.

And later to this, but the less said about that the better really.

Anyhow, the next purchase i made was a nice little D-7 Battlecruiser, the I.K.S Gr'oth. Except there's a little problem. It's not a D-7.

For whatever reason, Wizkids have released the wrong sculpt as the D-7, instead using the K'Tinga again. What should look like this:

Looks like this:

So what to do? Well since i already have the I.K.S Kronos I, i figure it's not really fair to my opponents to use an identical model for a different class with different capabilities.

So i decided to break out a file and set about removing detail. And believe me, that's weird for me too. Normally in our hobby we're seeking to add detail to fix something.

After a few minutes i went from this

to this

I've not removed all the surface detail, and i've not touched the underside of the model. But i figure i've done enough that when coupled with the new paintjob, will make it clear to anyone i play that it's not the same class as my I.K.S Kronos I.

Next up: The Painting.

Until then, i remain,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-pope.