Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fun with Fimir

A not so friendly fimir, based with a reminder of their totally NSFW background

Just a quick update today. I decided to get a little bit of painting and basing done during the brief respite from the unnatural british heat (oh rain how i've missed you), so finished off my Fimir and got him based in the hope that white flock would have the same cooling effect as real snow. Alas it does not.

On a whim i also decided to paint up one of the Epic scale Rhino's i've had laying around for a while.
Small but perfectly formed

It occurred to me that there may well be some hobbyists out there who've never actually seen an Epic scale miniature next to a normal 40k model, thanks to GW's less than stellar support of the specialist games range, so a quick comparison shot below with the Rhino next to the only tank i own, an Imperial Guard Chimera.

Size doesnt matter it's what you do with it that counts

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