Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Finecast or Failcast?

As i've mentioned in a previous update i was fairly dubious about GW's move from metal to resin, given my complete lack of experience with the latter material.

So when i had a few quid spare today i decided a trip to GW Liverpool was in order to see what the finecast fuss was about. I had a browse amongst the new blisters before settling on a Nurgle Daemon prince for my Daemon army. I'd wanted this mini for quite some time, but the fact it was a metal kit put me off in the past. From the very beginnings of my hobbying 16 long years ago i have hated metal kits, i won't lie. They have been a pain in the backside to clean ready for painting, a pain to assemble, break apart as soon as anyone does more than breathe on them. And along with Gary Morley they ruined my 12th birthday.

So with trepidation i left the store and opened up the box. I've heard a fair bit of griping about miscasts and excess flash etc. when it comes to the finecast kits, but my kit had absolutely no flaws at all. The flash was significantly less in fact than the plastic Aquila shrine i picked up at the same time. All the detail is present and correct and startingly crisp.
I looked at at least half a dozen blisters in store and only one had any flaw that i could see - a Lilith Hesperax had half her face missing, truly a crime against such a beautiful sculpt. I'm not denying that there are miscasts out there, but GW Liverpool seems to have escaped the worst of them thankfully.

And then the assembly, oh the assembly. It took about a minute to glue together with superglue, no pinning, no waiting around for glue to set only for an arm to fall off five seconds after you let go. It truly was a joy to assemble after so many years labouring with metal kits.

After sampling the product i have to say GW has me converted to their new casting method. Sure the price may have gone up (again *sigh*) but with mini's of this quality now available i'm willing to pay a few quid extra.

Of course a sensible blogger would provide pictures to illustrate everything i just typed. However i realised after assembling the kit i should have taken pictures on the sprue, went to grab my camera and at least provide a few images of it half assembled only to realise my housemate has taken it with them to a horse show. So i will add pictures to this post just as soon as they are done photographing equine shenanigans.

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