Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Glory of the Blood

 Originating on the world of McKay's Folly, the Glory of the Blood cult were responsible for multiple killings in the Hives dotting it's surface. When a warband of World Eaters attacked, it was this cult that rose in insurrection, hampering the Planetary Defense forces from mounting a defense.
It is unknown just how many innocents died thanks to their sabotage. When the World Eaters finally tired of their sport and departed, the cult vanished with them.
 Private Riggs is a tragic part of the Cults history. Blinded and deafened in the opening stages of the World Eaters invasion, Riggs opened fire upon his comrades, believing them to be the enemy. Taking advantage of his infirmities, the Cult swept him up. Even now he murders loyal soldiers of the Imperium, all the while believing himself part of a Holy Crusade against the Emperors enemies.
The Stalker in the Dark is known as the most prolific serial killer to ever strike on McKay's Folly. Responsible for hundreds of horrific deaths, none have glimpsed the face beneath his mask, it's glowing red eyes the last sight of his innocent victims.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Blaidd Drwg, Butcher of Fenris, Chosen of the Eightfold Path

Among the warbands of Chaos, few are as infamous as the Chosen of the Eightfold Path. Comprised of Astartes that have betrayed and murdered their kith and kin, this notorious band has carved a path of blood across a Segmentum. 

Perhaps the most infamous of this vile group is the warrior known as Blaidd Drwg. Once a proud Astartes of the Space Wolves chapter, the Butcher of Fenris is said to have killed his packmates before fleeing into the dark.
Each member of the Traitors wears a shoulder pad, bearing three blood drops: One represents the shedding of their own blood,one the shedding of an enemies blood, the third, and largest, the shedding of the blood of an ally.
The Butcher carries the remains of his victims in a sack stitched from their skin upon his back. Throughout the Segmentum, mothers whisper to naughty children that if they do not behave, the Blaidd Drwg will come to claim their bones.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rainbow Warriors: 2nd Company Captain.

Work continues on my Rainbow Warriors. Having re-read 'False Gods' over the last few days, i felt inspired to do some more work on my Astartes. So i grabbed my bits box and got to work on putting together a Captain to lead the 2nd Company.

 I've used the kneeling legs from the Devastator kit, coupled with some left over parts from the Tactical squad kit. The head comes from a Bretonnian Knight Errant, traded with a friend for some leftover Imperial Guard bits.

 I wanted a pious, kneeling look to the Captain, as if he is knelt in prayer before battle begins. So i piled on the purity seals

More purity seals adorn his shoulder pads.

So i present Brother-Captain Kaine 'the Pious'. 
Even amongst the ranks of the Rainbow Warriors, Brother-Captain Kaine's devotion to the Imperial Creed stands out. Before each battle, Kaine can be found alongside the company Chaplain, leading his men in prayer to the God-Emperor.

I'll be breaking out the paintbrushes to put a bit of colour on the Captain in the next couple of days, and will get pictures up as soon as possible.
Until then i remain
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New Project Part 2: And so it begins...

As noted in my previous post, i've used the release of the new Space Marine Codex this month to begin a new army. After the deliberations noted previously, i can reveal my choice of chapter: 

The Rainbow Warriors.
Now i can practically hear the groans from here. This particular chapter has gotten pretty bad press amongst gamers in the past. This is largely due to misunderstandings over where the name originates, the actual colour scheme of the Chapter and let's face it, the name. 

 So let's address those issues, and why i went with the chapter despite them. First i'll tackle the elephant in the room: Homophobia. 

For a long time now i've seen pretty disgraceful homophobic comments made in relation to the Rainbow Warriors. Regularly they are denounced as "gay" or usually worse. And quite frankly i'm tired of it. For a start, they are Astartes. Gay or straight doesn't come into it when you're an asexual post-human killing machine. Secondly, so what? Even if they were a chapter of lovers, why is that a bad thing? It should be pointed out that multiple renowned fighting forces throughout history have been homosexual, the Spartans being the most famous. It's about time we ditched such ridiculous, offensive concepts and just accepted peoples sexuality for what it is. 
So i will use the Rainbow Warriors and show that bigotry has no place in this hobby.

The second issue that usually crops up is the name. Among the American hobbyists particularly, there seems to be the misconception that it is referring to the use of Rainbows by gay pride groups. This isn't the case. The name is actually a pun, relating to the infamous sinking of the Greenpeace ship, the Rainbow Warrior by the French. 
During the late eighties, when Rogue Trader was in the works, the sinking of the Rainbow Warrior was big news in England. The French risked war with their actions, sinking the vessel in a foreign harbour.  Because of this infamy, the folks at GW decided to make a reference to it; first the Chapter name, and then the picture of a Soritas wearing clear French iconography shooting one of its marines.

Looking deeper into the name, and why Greenpeace chose it in the first place, reveals a Hopi legend about a group of multi-race warriors that would bring understanding and unity to the world. This little bit of mythology prompted some ideas about what i could do with the Chapters background, which again influenced my choice to use them.

So enough with the rant, here's some pictures:
 First we have Chief Librarian Brectian, escorted by the 7th Squad of 2nd Company, Squad Etienne. Squad Etienne routinely deploys as bodyguard to the Librarius, leading to the honour marking on their left leg denoting a horned skull.
Model wise it's the new Tactical squad kit along with the new plastic Librarian. The new Librarian in particular impressed me in the recent Marines release. It's by far my favourite GW sculpt.

 Sergeant Ideaus, leader of 2nd Company's 5th squad. He bears two notable markings: Firstly the red Star on his right kneepad which denotes his service in the Bloodstar Campaign. And the black painted left arm, a far rarer marking, denoting as it does that he was present during the fierce-some battle that led to the death of three Chapter Masters. Ideaus suffered extensive injuries during the campaign, leading to multiple bionic implants.

The army painted so far. 

So there you go, my new Space Marine army, the second company of the Rainbow Warriors. I'll be posting further updates on how the army progresses in the future. 

Until then i remain

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

Friday, 13 September 2013

New Project Part 1: Making a choice.

As i've mentioned in my previous post, i've begun a new hobby project in conjunction with the Space Marine release this month. I've decided to embark on collecting a Battle Company of Space Marines, inspired by the new Tactical Squad kit.

Now as all lovers of Power Armour know,  starting a Space Marine force involves a few choices.

Which Codex?

So when it comes to Marines, we're really spoilt for choice when deciding which Codex to use. We've got the standard Space Marine codex, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Space Wolves and even Grey Knights if you want to push your luck. So which should i use?

Well i wanted a Codex Astartes adherent force, so that ruled out the Space Wolves. Likewise i wanted to use the new Tactical Squad kit, so thats the Grey Knights out of the picture too.

Determined to collect a Battle Company, that removed Dark Angels from the list. Their particular specialties wouldn't be used in this project. However if i ever decide to go for a 1st Company force, the Dark Angels book will be called upon again.

So that leaves Blood Angels and the regular Space Marine codex. I've actually decided to fudge the issue and use both. Sort of.

One of the big frustrations of starting a new force is the wait to be able to use it on the tabletop. As i already have a Sanguinary Guard army raring to go, i've decided to initially collect my new force using the Blood Angels book and use them in conjunction with my Bling Wing.  Once it's reached a size to take the field of battle alone, i'll switch over to the Space Marine book.

So with that decided, it's time to pick a Chapter.

Which Chapter?

This, for me, was a much harder decision to make. I had several requirements i wanted to be filled.

First, i didn't want to go with one of the big chapters. My reason for this is i am very much a fluffy, narrative player. So collecting a company of a popular chapter would break my sense of immersion when i run into players of the same chapter.

Second, i didn't want a commonly seen chapter. I prefer to be apart from the mainstream. This preference has even seen me sell armies in the past - when Daemonhunters switched to Grey Knights and became hugely popular, my army went onto Ebay. 

These two requirements led to me digging through old White Dwarfs, hunting obscure, hardly seen chapters. Several made my short list - Blood Drinkers, Red Hunters, Storm Lords and a few others - but one in particular caught my eye. This chapter has bugger all fluff, is almost never chosen by other players but has been part of 40k since the very beginning in Rogue Trader.

Some may have guessed the chapter already. But i'll keep you in suspense. Next post will reveal the Chapter, feature my painted New Librarian, and hopefully the first Tactical Squad.

Until then i remain,

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-pope.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

And they shall know no fear.

So the big release in the hobby this month is of course Space Marines. The new Astartes release had a couple of must buys for me - Librarian Anthony Hopkins and the new Tactical squad - and a not so must buy: the Centurians.

Now from the pictures alone the Centurians, or Termitubbies as they have been dubbed locally, look pretty dreadful. I'm pleased to say they look a lot better in person. Not good, but better. They aren't the "poke myself in the eyes instead of looking at them" unit that they appear on the website or White Dwarf.

Anyhow, the two purchases for me were the new Librarian, which i have to say has now replaced Denethor as my favourite GW sculpt of all time. It really is a tiny plastic masterpiece. So much so that i painted it up without taking any "before" pictures. Oops.

But i did grab the old digital camera for the un-boxing of the Tactical squad.

 First up the box itself. I have to say i really like the new style of packaging GW has gone for, it's probably my favourite since the old Aquila box with sleeve packaging. It's nice, clear and simple, with no dodgy Photoshop effects getting in the way.
 The back of the box offers a nice selection of paint schemes for inspiration.
 Always a good sign in any multipart kit...
 ...a nice thick instruction booklet. You can imagine just how much variation is present in the kit when such a tome is required to tell Little Timmy how to glue it together.
 First sprue. Biggest difference is immediately obvious: The sprues are absolutely crammed.
 Gone are the days of wasted space surrounding a few optional grenades, the new Tactical sprues are absolutely packed.
They feature a nice set of upgrades, with a shed load of special weapons to choose from - including the potentially devastating new (well really old actually) Grav family of weapons.

A really impressive update of the perennial Astartes kit. It's been a while since i've bought any bog standard marines, but i am definitely pleased with this purchase and looking forward to gluing it (and my fingers) together.
I have a new project in mind for these Marines, which i will detail in the not too distant future on the Blog, along with a fair few pictures of an excellent Lord of the Rings campaign currently being run at GW Liverpool.

Until next time i remain

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-pope.