Thursday, 14 November 2013

So what replaced the Space Wolves?

Good morning to everyone on this rather dreary day, the weather seems intent on annihilating my garden at the moment - we're talking floods, lawn turned to a quagmire (giggity), trees being blown to 90 degree angles, the works - so what better time to update my blog?

As those who have read past posts, and i'm always amazed by how many people do, will know, i had planned a Space Wolf  force to take part in a campaign at my local GW, only to suffer a wound in their making and pretty much get scared off.

Still wanting to play in the campaign meant that i needed to choose a new army and get a few units ready ASAP. The army i went with is one that's a break from my usual power armoured shenanigans: The Imperial Guard

My usual camera is currently refusing to work, so forgive the photo quality. This is one of my Platoon leaders, Sergeant-at-Arms Troughton. Unfortunately it's hard to pick out some of the details, but half of his face has been painted up as healed scar tissue, this is a leader who fights on the front lines.

At the same time i also picked up one of these beauties, an Aegis defense line. I cannot stress how useful this thing is. A deployable cover save is a big boost to a guard army, and the quad autocannon has already claimed a Hellchicken and Dark Eldar Voidbirdy. £18 well spent.

As soon as i can get my camera working, i'll upload more shots of the army so far - it's definitely more than one guy and his quad.

Until then i remain,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

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