Monday, 12 May 2014

D7 Part 2.

As promised, i've painted up the D7 in the classic grey colour scheme.
Unfortunately my digital camera is once again broken, so i've been reduced to using the camera on my tablet, so apologies for the quality.

I'd also like to add a note to my previous post about getting rid of the surface detail: When filing an Attack Wing ship, do it outside. Whatever plastic they've cast these in, it's pretty horrific stuff and you don't want to be breathing in the dust.

Also painted this week is an additional Galaxy class Starship from a second starter set.

The U.S.S McGann NCC-1996, will be taking to the tabletop in a couple of weeks for another attempt at destroying the Scimitar. My gaming buddies and i tried the scenario yesterday, without success. In the course of two games, the Scimitar took out two Valdore class warbirds, two D'Deridex class warbirds, the U.S.S Enterprise -D, and two Miranda class starships. And we only got it's shields down once.

But next time we shall triumph. Either that or i'm bringing in the Klingons.

Until next time, i remain

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

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