Monday, 11 September 2017

The Oncoming Storm

Sightings of the Legionary known as 'The Oncoming Storm' always presage an immenent invasion. The apparition was last sighted stalking the halls of the Imperial Palace shortly before a daemonic incursion was unleashed upon the Throneworld.
- From the works of Inquisitor Saboro Thirsk, Ordo Chronos

This was the first Legion of the Damned miniature i converted and it's a fairly simple one to do. The head was taken from the GW Skulls box set, with a bit of greenstuff to create a neck for it to sit on. Next step was to click the nozles from the backpack, which were then replaced by two of the Ork skulls from the same box set.

Last was a power sword from the Deathwatch kill team kit. I've found that the Deathwatch kits fit best with the Primaris models, because the Deathwatch models were also slightly larger than the standard Space Marine.

The Oncoming Storm will be leading the first squad of Intercessors in the army.

Until next time

~Reetconned Legion

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