Sunday, 21 November 2010

Now i know what trepanning feels like...

My plans for the end of the week fell into utter chaos as i awoke on thursday to the sensation of a hole being drilled into my forehead. Upon checking in the mirror and seeing no hole, i realised it was simply a migraine. And a bad one at that. The last couple of days therefore have consisted of downing pain medication, vomiting, resisting the urge to smack my head into the wall and admiring the wonderful lights bursting behind my eyelids rather than painting some more marines and getting the rest of my Hellions assembled and undercoated.

With the headache from hell finally receeding, i've taken a few more pictures of my Helliarch/Possible proxy-Duke as the initial photos left the orange looking rather more pink than expected, thanks to the rebellious machine spirit inhabiting my camera. These new pictures provide a much better indication of the colour of the actual model, but thanks to being ill her paintjob hasn't progressed at all since the last pictures i took.

I'll be braving the lovely scent of polystyrene cement later today and sticking together a second helliarch to lead a second squad of hellions. I'll attempt to get some more work done on Hastur as well and post the results.

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