Sunday, 14 November 2010

Resistance is Futile

I tried, i really did.

Ever since i first saw the new Dark Eldar models several weeks ago, i have been severely tempted to rush out and pre-order some. I resisted. Then when they were released last weekend i was severely tempted to rush out and buy some. Again i resisted, but it was hard, so very hard.

Buckle down i thought. Focus on your Grey Knights/Blood Angels/Dark Angels/High Elves/Daemons/Ogres/Empire/Any of a Dozen started then abandoned projects.

And i did.

For just over a week.

You see my willpower is pratically non-existant. It's why i've never taken up smoking or drinking, because if i did i'd probably never be able to quit. And so when i was offered the chance to purchase some Hellions a week early i couldn't resist. So i'll be headed to Games Workshop to pick them up tomorrow morning. The plan is for a box and Lilith, plus some greenstuff. I'll be using Lilith as the basis of my own unique character, using Baron Whats-his-face's rules to have a Hellion based army.

Why Hellions you ask? Because they look darn cool. That's the sole reason why i want them, and whether they perform well or not on the table is largely irrelevant. I've always been a visual collector, with the look of a model by far being the most important thing. It's why i never ventured into a Dark Eldar collection in the past because thanks to Gary Morley, a significant proportion of the models looked like arse.

So they will form the basis of my planned army. Now all i need is to name my character and Hellion gang. For those not familiar with the new Dark Eldar background material, Hellions are not part of the regular Kabal organisation of Dark Eldar society. Instead they form roving gangs of miscreants who are either too young, too independent or have been thrown out of other Kabals. Their only loyalty is to Baron Sathonyx who controls the criminal underworld of Commoragh.

So i need a gang name and a name for my own special character. Now being a Lovecraft fan i'm provisionally going with the Flying Polyps, named after a race of ancient malevolent beings who warred with the Great Old Ones on Earth in the Cthulhu mythos. It's also fits somewhat with the Dark Eldar naming tradition of using disturbing body parts in their Kabal names.

Continuing with the Lovecraftian influence, i began searching the various names of malevolent deities present in good old H.P's work. I settled on Hastur, a philistine deity that Lovecraft appropriated for his own work. Fittingly, Hastur was the patron God of sheperds, so it rather matches the Dark Eldar view that all other species are prey to be culled at will.

So there we go, the Flying Polyp gang, led by Hastur the Unspeakable. Tomorrow i will venture out into the wilds of Liverpool, and hopefully grab Lilith, some hellions and some green stuff to begin work on converting the foul ganger and her minions.

I'll also work on some more fluff for the army and have a think about the various other ne'erdowells who will accompany her on her realspace raids.

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