Tuesday, 21 December 2010

2010 Retrospective Part 2

For the second part of my round up of my hobby activity in 2010 i've decided to go with my Lord of the Rings activity, mostly because its fairly easy to sum up.

In 2010 i've half painted exactly one miniature for LotR, a Dwarf ranger. Why so little? Well basically it boils down to a lack of motivation as i have no opponent to play against.

War of the Ring is actually my favourite of the core game systems, it's ruleset is sleek, fast playing and i really enjoy playing it. But i haven't had the chance since about two months after it's release because no-one at the Liverpool vet's night actually plays it.

There seems to be an odd anti-LOTR bias amongst GW hobbyists. LOTR is looked upon with scorn, despite the strengths of it's ruleset and miniatures. This often is due to a misplaced sense that somehow LOTR is taking resources away from 40k and Warhammer, not to mention the specialist games. It's rare that anyone is willing to acknowledge that the cash LOTR brought in is responsible for a lot of the high tech developments GW has invested in in recent years.

So despite it being my favourite game GW currently produces i haven't played it in a long time, nor collected or painted any LOTR miniatures. This is a situation i hope to change in the new year.

I've resolved to gradually collect a Gondor based force, making use of the batch of Warriors of Minas Tirith that i got with the Return of the King box set. I'm also going to try to get a regular opponent to play against. This i feel will be the harder of the two tasks i've set myself. So if anyone who wants to play more War of the Ring and who lives in the Liverpool/North West England region is reading this (unlikely i know) feel free to drop me a line via the blog because i really am rather desperate to play WOTR again.

So that's part 2 of my retrospective, more will follow along with a few more pictures next time as i look back on some of my other hobby projects.

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