Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Vale Decem

So 2010 is rapidly drawing to a close, and before i get swept up in the inevitable chaos of family gatherings over New Years i figured i would make the traditional blog post about resolutions for 2011.

The last year has seen me amass a sizable heap of grey, unpainted plastic and not a lot of painted additions. So my main resolution is not to buy any new models for an army unless i've painted everything i have for it already. This will no doubt be a familiar declaration to many, many hobbyists. I doubt there are many of us who haven't made such a promise to themselves only to break it a week or two later when the latest shiny thing appears on the shelves of their local game store.
So i will be attempting to resist such a temptation. Of course i added the handy caveat of not buying for an army, so if GW release anything completely new i can indulge to my hearts content.

In other news a generous friend sent me a few gift vouchers for xmas, so i splashed out on a new carry case for my Grey Knights/Dark Eldar and order a booster pack of the World of Warcraft pre-painted miniatures. My housemate is quite obsessed with the game so the plan is to repaint one of them to look like her character. I've not had any experience with the WoW miniatures, but if they are anything like the pre-painted Star Wars mini's they will look like they were handcrafted by blind pirates who have lost both hands in an unfortunate cannon accident. Only less talented.

So until the next post, happy new year to the hobbyists out there in Internet land and i'll see you in 2011, hopefully wearing a jetpack on my way to a hover car showroom.

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