Saturday, 8 January 2011

Urg..night of (feeling like) the living dead...

Apologies for the lack of posts the last few weeks, this is largely due to me feeling like someone is repeatedly smacking me in the head with a sack of bricks, whilst simultaneously filling my sinuses with expanding foam. Yes it's that time of the year where i get sick and full of cold thanks to the stupid weather in the UK at the moment. If it's not snowing its pouring down with rain, and since i have to leave the house to take two kids to school i get the fun of being exposed to the elements and exposed to the latest germ warfare being brought back to school by their snotty little classmates.

So my hobby activity has largely been restricted to reading Prospero Burns and flicking through the latest White Dwarf, at least when i can get my eyes to focus anyway. I intend to post a review of Prospero Burns once i've finished reading it, but so far it's both good and disappointing at the same time.It's really not how i expected it to be after reading the hype about it online. But more of that in the fullness of time.

A real post will be incoming but for now i'm retreating to my sickbed with a cup of lemsip.

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