Tuesday, 21 February 2012

5 Months between updates? That has to be a new record...

Time certainly flies when you are not having fun. I can scarcely believe i've managed to let five whole months slip by without posting an update on this blog. Rather unexcusable and i suspect if i had any regular readers, they have long since given up on another post.

But no, i'm posting again. Why so long? Well as some of you will know i suffer from rather severe depression. And if you are unlucky enough to also be a sufferer, you'll also know that one of the symptoms is a complete lack of motivation, even to do things you normally enjoy.

In my case it resulted in me downing paintbrush and dice and pretty much doing sod all related to the hobby for most of the last five months.

Coming back to it, i then found the venue i play Warmahordes in has closed down (arg) so thats pretty much an end to my adventures in that particular gaming system.

So not a positive position really. But hey ho, onwards and upwards. I've been renovating my Daemons, trying to get my Ravenwing up to a points level i can actually game with and i've picked up one of the new Lord of the Rings force books to boot. I doubt i'll ever use it, but i plan on posting a review of the new books at some point in the hopefully not to distant future.

Now i just have to stick to these blogging resolutions and not leave it several months between updates. Wish me luck.


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