Monday, 27 February 2012

Jake and Fimir

So looking back through my blog so far, i have noticed a tendency for me to start a project, post a few starting pictures and then not really mention it again. Perhaps not the best approach to blogging about the hobby.

So to rectify this situation, this post is dedicated to all those projects mentioned last year but that i completely got distracted from and forgot to mention again.

First up, my Fimir. I bought a couple of these old Heroquest models ready to add to my Fantasy forces for some good old fashioned Storm of Magicing. This was of course before Forgeworld released their exquisite models that put all past fimir to shame. But ho-hum. Now one of the issues with the Heroquest version was the size. It's teeny tiny compared to what it should be. So to give it some oomph i had a search through the interwebs to find something suitable to stick on its base to give it a bigger profile, and came up with this:

Not the best photo's thanks to my cameras limited capabilities at the moment. But its a woman chained to a chunk of Warpstone. It was a freebie from an online mini company and fits the Fimir's 18 rated background.

Moving on, heres a smallish update on my Beastmen. Collecting them has been slow, because i have vowed not to buy anything more for them until i'd painted what i had. A vow i then broke when the pestilent joy that is the Nurgle warrior was released. I grabbed one, stole an idea from Warseer and hey presto a new Pestigor for my brayherd.
It's basically a simple headswap with a bit of fur greenstuffed onto the legs. Credit goes to ArtificerArmour on Warseer who first posted the conversion.
And last but not least my Beastmen "army so far". I've been insistent that i not buy any new models for the army until i've painted what i've got, in order to avoid the situation i find myself in with my Daemons.

As a result the herd is tiny at the moment, but it'll grow hopefully consistently and will remain a fully painted force.

That's all for now, feel free to leave comments as always.

Until next time,
Sheesh y'all, 'twas a dream

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

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