Monday, 28 May 2012

...And an almost fanatical devotion to the pope

Continuing the theme from my last post, here's another of my recently completed projects: The first few members of an Inquisitor warband.

I've loved Inquisitor since its release many years ago, the idea of a narrative wargame has huge appeal for me. Unfortunately it didn't seem to have much appeal to many others, and quickly disappeared into the mists of Games Workshops Specialist games.

Never one to let that daunt me, i ordered a few models from Ebay and elsewhere solely to own them and to hopefully stir up some interest in the game and get some people to play it with.

First up is my Enforcer. I used the Enforcer Barbaretta model pretty much unaltered. I simply used the alternate arms supplied with the kit along with a plastic power weapon to replace her power maul, to be used as a short sword.

Next up is my henchman, this time using Slick Devlan. I added a few extra bits here and there along with a bolter replacing one of his sidearms made using the Heavy Bolter from a Landspeeder. He has bionics augmenting that arm in game, so fear not his wrist won't shatter the first time he fires his weapon.
One particularly gratifying thing was that when i uploaded this photo to Facebook, it's facial recognition software recognised the models face. Evidently my painting did not prevent the model from looking human, which is unusual.

This last member of the warband was somewhat upsetting to finish. I'd already started work on him several months ago and dubbed him P4WS after my dog at the time, Paws. Sadly this past week Paws passed away. I decided not to rename the character in memory of the pooch.

So that's my warband so far. I intend to put in an order for another member next week, although i've not decided who. At the moment it's a choice between Brother-Captain Artemis, Inquisitor Eisenhorn, Inquisitor Covenant or Preacher Josef.

Until next time,
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

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