Monday, 23 September 2013

Blaidd Drwg, Butcher of Fenris, Chosen of the Eightfold Path

Among the warbands of Chaos, few are as infamous as the Chosen of the Eightfold Path. Comprised of Astartes that have betrayed and murdered their kith and kin, this notorious band has carved a path of blood across a Segmentum. 

Perhaps the most infamous of this vile group is the warrior known as Blaidd Drwg. Once a proud Astartes of the Space Wolves chapter, the Butcher of Fenris is said to have killed his packmates before fleeing into the dark.
Each member of the Traitors wears a shoulder pad, bearing three blood drops: One represents the shedding of their own blood,one the shedding of an enemies blood, the third, and largest, the shedding of the blood of an ally.
The Butcher carries the remains of his victims in a sack stitched from their skin upon his back. Throughout the Segmentum, mothers whisper to naughty children that if they do not behave, the Blaidd Drwg will come to claim their bones.

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