Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Rainbow Warriors: 2nd Company Captain.

Work continues on my Rainbow Warriors. Having re-read 'False Gods' over the last few days, i felt inspired to do some more work on my Astartes. So i grabbed my bits box and got to work on putting together a Captain to lead the 2nd Company.

 I've used the kneeling legs from the Devastator kit, coupled with some left over parts from the Tactical squad kit. The head comes from a Bretonnian Knight Errant, traded with a friend for some leftover Imperial Guard bits.

 I wanted a pious, kneeling look to the Captain, as if he is knelt in prayer before battle begins. So i piled on the purity seals

More purity seals adorn his shoulder pads.

So i present Brother-Captain Kaine 'the Pious'. 
Even amongst the ranks of the Rainbow Warriors, Brother-Captain Kaine's devotion to the Imperial Creed stands out. Before each battle, Kaine can be found alongside the company Chaplain, leading his men in prayer to the God-Emperor.

I'll be breaking out the paintbrushes to put a bit of colour on the Captain in the next couple of days, and will get pictures up as soon as possible.
Until then i remain
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope

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