Wednesday, 30 October 2013

So...where's the Space Wolves?: Or Why knife safety is important.

So last post i revealed my intention to convert up some Heresy era Space Wolves, using Chaos Warrior and Space Wolves parts. And i began in earnest after that post, cutting and gluing some more mini's and getting some painting done.

Then i had the idea of using a plastic flying stand stem to make some icicles for the bases, a la an old White Dwarf terrain article.

So i grabbed a spare stem, grabbed my knife and cutting board and got to work. Now the stem i chose was one of the newer ones from the ball and socket connections. So i needed to get rid of the ball.

Off i went, merrily trying to cut it, pushing quite hard. Too hard in fact. The stem broke, the cutting board slipped, and the knife went straight through my jeans and into my right thigh.


After 18 years in the hobby, you'd think i'd know better, but no, i'm still making stupid mistakes. And this one was the worst.

I spent four hours in casualty, bleeding profusely, before being seen and stitched up. Five stitches, several jabs and a load of butterfly stitches later i was sent on my way.

So i'm afraid to say for the time being, Space Wolves have been shelved for a project that involves less knife work. I'll return to them once my leg has healed up and i buy a new, sharper knife that won't need me to apply so much pressure.

I'll be posting about the project that's been swapped in for the GW Liverpool 40k campaign in the Space Wolves stead in the next few days,

So until then i remain,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-pope.

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