Friday, 15 October 2010

New Blog start and a new army.

Greetings and apologies to anyone who actually reads this blog. Apologies because its been many a month since i last updated it.

This is due to a couple of reasons, primarily because i've been diagnosed with severe depression a few months ago. Since then i've moved house away from several of the reasons behind the depression (utter scum for neighbours for one example) and started a nice course of happy pills.

Part of the symptoms of depression, for those fortunate not to have suffered from it, is the lack of will to carry out activities that you once enjoyed. Hence my painting and posting took a severe nosedive over the last year or so, resulting in a defunct blogs and more than one aborted paint log on Warseer.

Now that the move is complete however and i'm on said course of happy pills, i've decided to make a fresh start. Where in the past this blog was mostly all over the place in terms of topics it's now going to be focused on wargaming almost exclusively, with the occasional ramble onto other subjects if my magpie brain latches onto them.
And with this new start i've decided to start (another) new army: Ravenwing. I've been planning a Ravenwing army since way back in 1996, when i was knee high to a grasshopper and had just received 'Codex:Angels of Death' for a Christmas present. Having also received a Tactical Squad and a Box of Death Company, my longings for an all bike force were supressed, since i'd decided on Blood Angels.

Fast forward a few years and GW released the first Ravenwing army set, for £100 if i remember correctly and again the longings were stirred but again repressed as i was but a penniless Secondary School student with a paper round providing me with a meagre income.

Then almost a dozen years later, Codex:Dark Angels arrives, with a new Ravenwing Battalion box and those forgotten urges were once more dragged into the light. But again i put it off, until finally with this fresh new move to Huyton i've given in to temptation and forked out fifty quid on the box set. Thankfully this was money given to me by my fantastic Grandparents as a birthday present, so my housemate and former missus restrained herself from forcibly castrating me.

For those unfamiliar with the set, it gives you six bikes, an attack bike, a landspeeder and a feth load of bits to upgrade them into Ravenwing goodness. With my income still a tad low (any Lottery winners reading this, please consider sending me a gift) i've decided to go the landspeeder route for the Master of the Ravenwing, when i get around to assembling him that is. That is the other decision i've made for the army - i'll be building a model, painting it fully, before assembling the next. This should prevent it from joining the hordes of grey miniatures that adorn my shelves.

So far i've finished the attack bike, i should have some pictures up soon-ish along with pictures of the next model to be assembled - the Master's Landspeeder.

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