Monday, 18 October 2010

Random Musings

Given that my digital camera looks like it will be consigned to digital heaven, and no money for a replacement available until tomorrow, my plans for putting up a few pictures over the weekend have come to naught.
I will endeavour to rectify the situation hopefully by tomorrow evening, which just so happens to be the night before my 27th birthday. And given the momentous occasion i've been somewhat nostalgic hobbywise.
October 27th also marks the 15th anniversary of my entry into the hobby, way back in 1995. It was a more innocent time, when England relaxed to the music of the Scatman and the Spice Girls had yet to launch their aural assault on our senses. I'd just started Secondary School (or High School for any colonials reading this) and was introduced to the Games Workshop hobby by a friend who would become fondly known as Ewok.
These first few games had little models nor indeed rules, we made them up as we went along pretty much, playing on school desks at lunch time with Ewok introducing me to the world of Warhammer. It was a while before i realised half of what he'd told me wasn't correct and the rules barely resembled anything put out by Games Workshop, but still i remember those days fondly. On the turn of my birthday i received my first GW models: 8 plastic Dark Elf swordsmen. In those days Dark Elves came 8 to a box, and were all one piece and monopose. Nonetheless i loved them dearly.

Thinking back i've also noticed an odd habit of mine. I tend to still think of several venerable models as "new" despite their decade appearing on GW shelves. Specifically its the Falcon Grav Tank. I remember clearly the month it was released and being amazed at the kit and how cool it looked, yet i've never owned one. Perhaps if i had i would cease to view them as something new and exciting every time i face one across the board, but then i think i would miss that feeling if i did.

Anyhow enough rambling. With luck pictures will appear on the interwebs tomorrow of my efforts with the sable stick.

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