Friday, 29 October 2010

So tempting...

I nipped out shopping today and picked up the latest White Dwarf while i gathered various groceries in Asda/Walmart. And i have to say the temptation to start a new army of Dark Eldar is almost overwhelming. The new plastics look fantastic, and having seen a few in person from the Black Box delivered to Games Workshop Liverpool they are almost painfully cool. Quite fitting for Dark Eldar i guess.

Only the mounds of unpainted plastic adorning my shelves prevents me from rushing out on November the 6th and buying a bunch of boxes. Well that and my strained finances that is. However i do intend to buy a copy of the Codex at least when i have the chance, if only to get the answers to fluff questions that have been bugging me since the release of 3rd Edition 40k.

These urges are accompanied by the desire to start an Imperial Fists army. You see i am quite readily influenced by stuff i've read recently, and i am currently in the middle of Chris Robertson's 'Sons of Dorn'. While it initially hard to get into, i've really started to enjoy the novel and the insights it provides into the Fists recruitment methods and training. So much so that i am severely tempted to start a 10th Company fists army. Again it is only the shame of so many unpainted plastic miniatures on my shelves that is suppressing this temptation.

So for now i will continue with my Dark Angels, Daemons, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Empire, Ogres, High Elves, LOTR Dwarfs, Imperial Guard, Tyranids and a dozen other half started projects that need finishing before i consider starting another, and will post some pictures on this blog and elsewhere once i do so.

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