Thursday, 21 July 2011

Finally achieved a 16 year old goal.

Now that my Daemons have reached, and passed, the 3000 point mark in both Warhammer and 40k my purchases have tended towards the esoteric side rather than with the intention to expand the army further.
With my plastic fimir purchases last week along with a old, old style daemonettes for use as heralds ( not the sexy six boobed old daemonettes, but the previous generation of big clawed ugly daemonettes) i've developed a fondness for classic Citadel mini's from my early days in the hobby.
And this week i've achieved the goal of owning a mini i have wanted since my very earliest days playing Warhammer: an old style metal Bloodthirster.

Back when i first started the game, i used to play with the friend who got me interested in the hobby at lunchtimes at school. Back then i had no real clue of the rules, we mostly made things up as we went but it was some of the most entertaining gaming i've ever played. And Ewok if you somehow are reading this, thanks for getting me addicted to the plastic crack.

One of the elements i faced in these early days was a old metal Bloodthirster, predating the current model by many, many years. I always wanted one of my own, but by the time i had the cash available to buy one they were long since out of production and were soon to be replaced by the first incarnation of the current design - a kit i fully intend to buy as soon as it gets the finecast treatment and no longer requires an engineering degree to assemble but i digress.

So i pretty much abandoned hopes of owning one as i went about my various armies. 16 years later one popped up on Ebay for the bargain (well in my head anyway) price of £6.42. So i snapped it up and today it arrived in the post.

The old kit comes in just five pieces. At the time there were several different head options you could order with the model, i've managed to snag one that looks a lot like the Bloodletters of the day, which will make it fit in with the khornate models i have in my army.

Here is the brute assembled. While he lacks the dynamic poses of current minis i still love the model and i am thrilled to finally have it in my collection. I'll be cracking open the Mechadendrite Red tonight to get started on giving it a paint job.

Another new addition to my daemon collection, albeit one that i'm less enthused by for reasons i'll detail below is an old style metal pink horror.

Another nice old sculpt that i really like, so why the lack of enthusiasm you ask. Well i am pretty much certain that it's a counterfeit. Several areas of detail are lacking, and the large mold lines point to a less than profession casting process. This in its own could be attributed to its age but the model also completely lacks the standard copyright mark and date on its slotta tab and the metal just seems to be a much lower quality than was present at the time of its casting.

So this has left me in a quandry. It's possible the seller sold it unaware of its counterfeit nature, but given the amount of old style models they have available for auction i find this hard to believe. In which case should i let Ebay and Games Workshop know that these counterfeits are on sale? Really would value the input of the interwebs as to their opinion of what to do. In the meantime the model will remain unpainted and loose in its base while i decide what action i should take.

Rather than end this blog post on a low note, i'll post my latest acquisition for Warmachine, Narn from the Retribution of Scyrah range. I've been picking up the occasional Scyrah model here and there as a secondary force to give me a change from my Menoth. I'm really not fond of the Scyrah 'jacks so it'll be an infantry based army, which contrasts with my 'jack heavy Menoth.

And speaking of Warmachine i finally got my first game in at a gaming store in St. Helens called Scotrocks. Predictably i got my ass handed to me, but i did achieve my standard moral victory of killing at least one model, in this instance a Khador Widowmaker.

I sorely underestimated just how brutal Khador 'jacks can be and i need to get used to the more micromanagement based gameplay of Warmachine rather than the more macro based WFB and 40k.

But despite my Menoths pummeling i'm looking forward to a rematch next week and this time i'm killing at least two Khadorite scumbags and scratching the paint of a 'jack or two or i'll be eating my steampunk hat!

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