Friday, 8 July 2011

Our chief weapon is surprise! Surprise and fear...

Another parcel arrived for me this morning, this time containing the next additions to my resurgent Inquisitor warband - Special Security Enforcer Barbaretta.
The kit comes in a number of pieces, and has additional pieces for variety. It's not advertised on the GW site but the Barbaretta kit actually comes with 3 different heads. One helmeted, one bare and one helmeted with a visor. I'll be using the helmet without the visor and keep the other two in my bits box for further Inquisitor additions.
Also included are a choice of arms, giving the enforcer the option to hold a security shield or a firearm. Again i'll be using the variant arm on my Enforcer.

Accompanying the Enforcer is a cyber mastiff, which is a pretty cool little model and certainly adds character to a warband.
Also arriving today was the next addition to my beastmen army, a Beastlord to lead them into battle. With luck i'll some pics of my Beastmen up tomorrow along with the initial work on my Inquisitor models.