Friday, 15 July 2011

Long Lasting Batteries My Arse...

I was planning on posting a battle report today of my fight against a lovely Sisters of Battle army last night at the Liverpool vets night. Unfortunately after a single photo the bloomin' batteries on my camera ran out, leaving me stuck without anything to illustrate the game.

Suffice to say i got my backside kicked somewhat, a lucky shot took out my Soul Grinder on the first turn removing my primary anti-tank unit. Then the two exorcists hiding at the back of the board proceeded to pulverise my Flamers over the course of two turns.
Thankfully my Bloodletters gave me a chance to fight back, single handedly dismantling a rhino, two chimeras, two squads of sisters and a canoness before succumbing to small arms fire from the rest of the Sisters army.

A good game overall and i certainly enjoyed it despite the loss. I was hoping to get a Storm of Magic game in but alas i was the only Fantasy player who turned up that evening. Ho hum, maybe next week.

Speaking of Storm of Magic, two new additions arrived today to be made ready for my first game of the new expansion:

Yup, thats right, two Fimir are going to be added to my collection ready to cast their spells in SoM. These are two ancient plastic Heroquest Fimir. For those less venerable readers, Heroquest was basically a stripped down version of Warhammer Quest that was created by GW in conjunction with MB. It featured the same races as Warhammer but the background was pretty much seperated from the fantasy setting.
I've begun hacking away at one of the fimir, i plan to replace his axe with a staff and base him up on something modern. Then it'll be slapping on the paint.
Also on my converting table is a new attempt at converting a Baron for my Dark Eldar. I've decided to keep them in the end and go back to my original plan for the army of a solid Hellion core. I will add a couple of squads of Scourges and maybe a Razorwing or two because quite frankly the models are gorgeous. The wyche side of things will be dropped however and Urien Rakarth has sadly departed for Ebay.
The custom skyboard is the bog standard Hellion board, cut down in places to alter the shape a bit and make it a tad thinner. And then i've added some spikey bits and some grenade launchers to make it look a bit more special.
Next up is converting the rider to look a bit more unique than my first effort. So plenty to keep me busy for now.


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  2. Yes, I still have the game and, I think, all the supplements including the Ogres. Haven't played it in a long while since we finished it when my son (now 34) was around 9 years old.