Thursday, 7 July 2011

Nobody expects the Inquisition...

I had planned on adding a few pictures of the latest work on my Beastmen, Bling Wing and Menoth yesterday but i was distracted by a parcel i wasn't expecting to arrive yet.

Contained within was Slick Devlan, one of GW's Inquisitor range that i've been meaning to buy for years.
For those unfamiliar with Inquisitor (and given GW's woeful treatment of specialist games there is no reason why you should be familiar unless you were in the hobby at the time) it was a short lived 54mm scale narrative skirmish game GW produced several years ago.
This was the game that spawned the Eisenhorn Trilogy by Dan Abnett along with the impetous to add both the Daemonhunters and Witchhunters to the 40k game proper.
Sadly it failed to take off and disappeared into obscurity, despite being one of the best rulesets GW ever produced.
Anyway i'd been meaning to get Slick for a while, and since there was a resurgence of Inquisitor interest at the local GW recently i decided now was the time. I'd planned on using him as my Inquisitor himself rather than just a henchman.

The necessitated a bit of conversion. First i removed one of his standard guns and replaced it with a bolter, made from a heavy bolter and assault cannon ammo box from the Dark Angels Landspeeder kit.

Slick also suffers from stress related baldness, with clumps falling out everywhere. This tattyness wouldn't do for my Inquisitor and so i put my limited greenstuffing skills to the test and sculpted him a new hairdo.

In the post currently is the next member of my warband and with luck i should be able to get an Inquisitor campaign on the go in the not too distant future, something i'm really looking forward to.

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