Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Fresh start?

The last few weeks i've been selling hobby stuff on Ebay, including my Ogres, Grey Knights, High Elves and Empire armies.

Now this wasn't because i'm dropping the hobby or switching completely to a different game system. Instead it was to have a major clear out of armies i have either left unused on the shelf for months, in this case the Ogres and Grey Knights, and getting rid of models that have sat unpainted and unloved, my Empire and High Elves.

I've found over recent years i have fallen back into my old bad habit of starting armies, grabbing a few boxes then leaving them unpainted while i move onto the next project.

So i've resolved to put a stop to this before it gets out of hand. So i'm cutting right back to a handful of armies, all of which i will get painted and actually use. At the moment these have been narrowed down to my Daemons for Fantasy and 40k, Bling Wing, Beastmen and Menoth for Warmachine.

My Dark Angels are looking to be sold next. They were the prompting for the starting of this blog but since buying them i've added little and haven't actually used them in a game of 40k. Right now they are sat in a box unfinished and i lack the motivation to return to them.

Had the rumours of the next 40k starter box being Dark Angels i may have kept them but since thats looking more likely to be Black Templars at the moment it's put me off somewhat.

The next choice is whether to keep my Dark Eldar or not. I love the miniatures and rules, but i just can't seem to do them justice with my painting which is a source of constant frustration.

If anyone is interested in the Dark Angel and Dark Eldar they have seen posted on this blog then drop me a comment, or if you desperately want to convince me not to sell then comment too.

With luck i should have some pictures of my Menoth and Bling Wing up tomorrow, assuming my camera works. Until then may the dice gods bless your rolls.

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