Thursday, 23 June 2011

And now for something completely different Part 3: Completely Different with a Vengeance.

And look what's come in the post courtesy of Maelstrom Games. I hadn't expected it to arrive yet as i chose the free delivery but here it is less than a week later (thats how you do it Wayland). I've settled upon Menoth as my first focused attempt at a Warmachine army, although Cygnar and Scyrah will probably be added to here and there solely because i like their mini's too.
I must have been heavily influenced in my formative years by 40k, as i've gone for a force of religious fanatics once more to sit side by side with my various armies. You get a Revenger, a Repenter, a Crusader and Grand Exemplar Kreoss in the box, all in plastic.
Everything comes in its own little bag, with a set of quickstart rules (fortunate for me as my Prime MkII rulebook still hasn't arrived)

Along with a card for each of the units contained within, again useful for me as the metal Revenger i bought from Ebay came with a MkI card.
Also Warmachine wise i have finished converting the plastic charger into a more dynamic pose.
The nature of the kit made this extremely simple. The hammer arm came in two pieces so it was solely a case of assembling it outstretched rather than bent.
And then it was simply a case of glueing the gun arm further forward and cutting the tab off the left leg and glueing it on angled backwards, to get a running pose. I'm quite happy with my charging Charger and it certainly looks a bit more dynamic than the average 'Jack i've seen.

So next on the list is waiting for my rulebook to arrive, a box of Menoth Flameguard to come in the post and to decide on a colour scheme for my menoth.
I've been scouring the web looking for inspiration but nothings grabbed me so far. At the moment i'm considering having a go at NMM again, with white as primary colour and NMM Gold as the secondary colour. But i'd also like to take advantage of the large open spaces on the 'jacks and try a bit of freehand.
I'll get some pictures up once i've made up my mind (this could take some time as anyone who knows me wil attest)

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