Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pleasant Suprises and Disappointing Retailers

On a trip out to visit my mothers horses at the distant field they are kept it, she suggested we stop by a place called Brimstage Hall because she was sure she had seen some of those "warhammer things" amongst the various craft shops and pensioner feeding establishments.
Whilst dubious i agreed and we took a detour to stop off at the place. At first it looked like it would be a waste of time until i spotted the familiar and always welcome sight of Ghal Maraz next to a flight of stairs.
Heading up i emerged into a veritable Aladdins cave of creamy hobby goodness. A store stocked to bursting with Games Workshop, Privateer Press, Flames of War, Malifaux and even some of Mantics crap. Turns out that this was the retail outlet of an online Hobby supplier,

After having a quick browse i picked up a few bits and bobs, including a Warmachine Retribution of Scyrah warcaster, some resin bases and a Beastman shaman. All of which, i must add, were below RRP.

Even better i'll be headed back there on the 9th of July to try a bit of Warmachine, a game i've had my eye on for a while, depending on whether an order i placed is actually fulfilled by then.
Which leads us onto the second half of this posts title.

I placed an order more than two weeks ago with a well known online store, whose name rhymes with Mayland Mames, online to be left completely in the dark as to when it would actually be fulfilled. Now i know they received a large influx of orders when GW's new policy was announced but really there is no excuse for A) not informing customers of the delay, B) not keeping customers up to date as to when it'll be dispatched and C) Asking customers not to bother complaining because it's more work for them to do.

Back in my days of retail i would never dream of treating a customer that way, so i'm not going to accept said treatment just because they are online. Suffice to say i'll be seeking a full refund if the items aren't dispatched by the end of this week and i certainly won't be using that particular company again if they aren't.

Anyway enough negativity. I'm aiming to get a review up of these resin bases i bought in the next day or so as well as a few more pictures of my hobby activity this week.

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