Saturday, 18 June 2011

Why did they have to make bases that look like little white chocolates?

As i said in the last post i picked up a pack of resin bases to give my 40k armies a little bit of extra oomph, mostly inspired by seeing the efforts of an Eldar player at the Liverpool GW store on Thursday who'd customised his models with wraithbone looking plasticard.

So when i stumbled upon The Wargame Store today i made the most of their extensive range and grabbed a pack of Black Cat Bases, specifically their ruined buildings set. At only £5 for a pack of 15* i figured they were a bargain.

Quality wise, well there is room for improvement. Theres a fair few airbubbles, but given the ruined nature of the walls etc. it should be fairly easy to remove without spoiling the look. Theres also a couple of slightly mishapen bases, with one side lower than the other. Again the scenic nature of the bases should negate this a little bit - they are all still round and all still 25mm so not too bad. Other than that the resin is nice and solid, a tad more brittle than most but still of gaming quality.

And frankly at such a low price its still worth a buy and i'll certainly be keeping an eye out for more of Black Cats range.

*I do have to say however that the pack only had 14 bases in it rather than the advertised 15. A bit annoying.

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