Tuesday, 21 June 2011

That New Mini Smell

This morning my package from Mayland Mames finally arrived, several weeks late of course. Inside was a kit i've had my eye on for quite some time, having decided to boost my terrain collection - Dreadstone Blight.
I started the hobby over 16 years ago, and those of you old enough to remember such ancient times will know that the best we had to look forward to was the occasional cardboard scenery being released with campaign packs like 'Tears of Isha' or 'Idol of Gork'. Fast forward the better part of two decades and now we have plastic kits that ensure that those of us without engineering and electronics degrees can still have impressive gaming tables.
Sliding open the box greets you with a heap of plastic bagged goodies. I had expected it to be on a sprue but after five seconds thought i should have realised that the curvature of the walls would have made it a nightmare to box up if they'd left it attached.

You get two bags of stuff plus the base of the ruined tower. As you can see the tower interior is fantastically detailed, with lots of warhammery touches - no one is going to confuse this with another game setting (except maybe those rip-off artists Mantic).
A whole heap of flooring sections and ruined wall bits. Whats nifty about this kit is the way they have designed the ruined floor to interlock, enabling you to decide just how much should be broken away - its entirely possible to have a complete floor if you wish.
The outer wall sections. Each piece interlocks allowing you a great deal of variety when deciding which bit should be where, and should ensure that no two Dreadstones need look alike.
The interior of the walls are just as detailed as the exterior. A nice touch is the walled up Tzeentchian door, perfect for my Daemons.
A closer look at the exterior doorway, with a nicely modelled grill guarding its entrance and of course that staple of Warhammer design, oodles of skulls.

All together a really nice piece of terrain and one that certainly has me dying to get it painted. Some work in progress shots will be incoming in future blog posts.

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