Friday, 17 June 2011

Dust and sand

Blimey the new version of Tomb Kings are nasty.
I managed to sneak off to the Vet's night at GW Liverpool for the first time in bloomin' ages, taking my Daemons with me to double my chances of a game - they are based so they can be used in both 40k and Fantasy - and ended up facing a Tomb Kings force led by the legendary Ste.

It was a 1750 point game, so i wasn't expecting to face anything too big but nope, out popped a warsphinx with a crispy Tomb King on it's back. But no worries i thought, my horde of Bloodletters should take care of it no problem. Yeah right.

Everything went well, i managed to blast a few units of Skellies and chariots away with my Flamers and magic, giving me a pretty big head start returning the bone heads to their graves. My Bloodletters however managed to get bogged down against the warsphinx and a unit of skellies, while my Daemonettes tore up the flanks.
What i found surprising is how resilient the basic troops of Tomb Kings are. They may have lousy stats but they linger around like a bad smell, and with spells also bumping units up it can get hard to get rid of them.

In the end it was the spells that did me in. The Tomb King spent the first five turns of the game doing bugger all in combat, thanks to some iffy rolls but in the last turns he turned it around. First he finally rolled to hit and finished off the Bloodletters that had bogged him down, then a lucky roll with a spell restored the Warsphinx from 1 wound back up to its full allowance (!"&*) which then proceeded to wipe out my Horrors on the last turn, nabbing Ste a win.

But as long as i don't get tabled without killing anything i'm happy enough. And next time i'll be breaking out my Daemonprince to teach that stone cat a lesson. Overall a thoroughly enjoyable game against a great opponent. And it's motivated me to get working on my Daemons, with a couple of purchases yesterday adding some resin Flamers and another ten Bloodletters to the force.

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